About Nicole

About Nicole

When I am not busy being a wife to my insanely  supportive husband (love you babe!) and mom to my beautiful mini-me Mia, I can often be found snapping photos for Instagram, talking to a camera on YouTube or just on my phone keeping up with the latest products and trends, creating a career out of my passion!

Curves To Contour is something that has been long in the making. I originally began as “The Makeup Mistress”, a name born from my love of makeup and all things beauty. In the past I tried to keep my focus solely on beauty but soon realized, that like my audience, I had so many other passions and I wanted to be able to share them all.

While makeup will always be my first love, I recently discovered my love for fashion as well. Being a curvy girl, it can sometimes be hard to stay stylish and in my mission to do so, I realized how much I liked being able to put together outfits and share them.

Even more recently, I began my health and fitness journey. From testing new workouts, to mastering my FitBit and creating healthy new dishes, I shared this too with my audience and was so pleased to find that many of them were on the same journey I was.

With so many things to share, I wasn’t sure how to put them all under one “roof” so to speak. I racked my brain for weeks until one day while I was driving, it came to me perfectly clear and instantly I knew it was the perfect fit…. “Curves To Contour – From Fashion to Makeup and everything in between”.


Instagram: @curvestocontour